Angelic Connections is Hannah Taylor- Jones. 

I have been working with the awe-inspiring Angelic Kingdom of Light since 2011, obtaining my Angelic Reiki Master Teacher's Certificate in April 2012, in New South Wales, Australia. Before this time my spiritual and intuitive training had been through an interest and professional training in Feng Shui in London and Sydney Australia , and in Usui Reiki, again, in England and Australia. I remember distinctly the honour and spiritual sacredness of my first Reiki initiation and attunement in 1998, my crown chakra  opened and I intuitively knew the most perfect connection to my Higher Self was re-established for this lifetime. It has faithfully guided me though all the twists and turns so necessary to complete the many loose ends needed in my soul's journey  to move through to our current planetary ascension pathway.

Angelic Reiki is for me, is the perfect expression of  Divine Love, the Angelic realm holds the Pure vibration of 'All That Is' and each attunement is Perfect and Pure for each person being attuned. What a wondrous gift to be attuned to Divine Love by an Angel. 

Further study has lead me to understand the Merkabah and Lightbody process and I have completed The Golden Heart of Creation Merkabah training with Christine Core. Shamballa: The Diamond Light of Unconditional Love is a system of wisdom and helps to uncover the true meaning of Unconditional Love, both of which I offer training in. This system so resonated with me that I have chosen to teach it, helping those seeking a deeper understanding of our dimensional realities at this critical time in Earth's and our personal evolution. I am truly blessed in my spiritual vocation. It is an honour to help guide and activate those of you who feel this spiritual resonance.

Some other projects that are very close to my heart: I am connected with the international Group of Forty and am the UK Coordinator. We collaborate, as a group in the UK, with the US , Europe, Australia and New Zealand on Earth healing projects locally and internationally, using meditation techniques and spiritual education. We connect and work with High Dimensional and Ascended Masters from the Angelic and Galactic Realms; our main Galactic guidance and support comes from the  Arcturians, supported by Masters from the Pleiadies, Sirius and Andromeda.

I administrate and manage the official international Angelic Reiki closed group page on behalf of Christine Core. Together with another Master Teacher from Portugal, we are able to help all the English speaking and International members to connect and support each other in this beautiful healing modality in all parts of the globe.

I am blessed to live in the beautiful county of North Yorkshire, close to Thirsk and the City of York  with my husband and our beautiful daughter. We have two beautiful very loving Burmese cats, who look after us all.

Sending Blessings to You ...