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An apple a day is amazing for your health and your energy field !

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away! An apple can do much more that this, if you can make a conscious connection to just how magical the nature of the humble apple is.

Aside from all the wonderful nutrients and chemical compounds, which help our physical bodies to function in an optimum way, the apple by design exhibits the shape and the energetic patterning of the Torus or Toroidal field ( Torus: literal meaning is ring )

Why pick this as a subject for discussion particularly? My thought is I would like reminder you of the Divine nature of everyday things, things that we connect to and that are part of Nature and Creation. Things that are part of us too.

This might be a topic that is new to you and at first glance you might be puzzled how this connects to the study of Angelic Reiki and the Angelic Realms. The three courses I offer ( Angelic Reiki, New Shamballa: The Realisation of Heaven on Earth and The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation) are energetically interwoven and interconnected with many levels of esoteric wisdom. Divine Design and Sacred Geometry under pins the study and practice of Angelic Reiki. I will return to similar themes in further writing so you can see these connections more deeply for yourselves.

To return to the humble and yet Divinely created apple.

If you look at an apple, you can see it has formed as a sphere with an indentation at its base and at its top where the stem attaches itself to the tree. If you cut an an apple in half vertically, you can see the two external indentations connecting through a central channel, its core, and you can see the seeds are grouped in a ring towards the centre of this core channel. On further observation of the apple , you notice that top could be North and the bottom one South, just like in the North and South poles of our planet. And you can see the correlation to the human body, with the Crown Chakra at top of the head and the Base Chakra at the base of the spine . Now look again at the photos. The energy field emanating from both the human body and the apple is toroidal. There is more wonder to behold! A transverse section of a torus gives us the number eight (on its side) - the symbol for infinity; the patterning of the apple seeds as you can see, exhibits the 5 sided pentagram which is the Divine Feminine expression in Sacred Geometry.

When eating an apple (try one directly from the tree this Autumn season), eat the whole apple, seeds and all and with an aware consciousness. Know you are eating the pure expression of Sacred Geometry in Nature. All the wonderful nutrients from your apple are absorbed into your body's cells toroidally, re-affirming your Divine Human expression here on Earth.

Each time you choose whole, living, blessed food you unite with Sacred Life helping to nourish you, to heal you on profound and multidimensional levels of your Being.

You will never look upon the humble apple in quite the same again, will you ?



Torus Apple Art by M Charles Art

Photo collage by Hannah, using a collection of images from the internet


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