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May the Light of your Spirit shine so Bright that nothing can dim your Glow...

Angelic Connections and Hannah Elizabeth Taylor welcomes you to our website.  We are located between Thirsk and York in beautiful North Yorkshire and we offer our courses from various locations in and around the county, including York, Harrogate and Thirsk. Travel is possible to neighbouring counties for groups.
We offer a complete and comprehensive training in all 6 levels of Angelic Reiki® through to Master Teacher. We also offer teaching and training in other life changing practices such as New Shamballa ~The Diamond Light of Unconditional Love and The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation. All courses are certificated and those with a healing component are fully insurable as healing modalities by complimentary therapy insurers.
Hannah is available for meditation 1-2-1 teaching  and also offers personal healing sessions using a selection of  gently transformative energy healing modalities, such as Angelic Reiki, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Multi- dimensional Healing and other options.

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The Time is Now

Angelic Connections is a creation which holds the space to teach and share this beautiful, most  profound personal and multidimensional healing system. Hannah is passionate and committed to guide and support you on your personal healing and spiritual journey through to Mastery  and to become a fully fledged Master Teacher.

Angelic Connection's logo and the golden symbol behind these words is Metatron's Cube. Metatron's Cube symbolises  the 'essence' of the Energy that is Archangel Metatron. From this geometric design, we begin to understand it's magnificent Angelic power, the first spark of creation; within it's 'beingness' it holds all of the other Archangels and Angels within Creation. Metatron's Cube  is the 'Divine Design of Creation'. Through connecting with this primal and immensely powerful Angelic Archetype,

this profound healing system was channeled and birthed into our earthly realm by Kevin and Christine Core.

The results are profoundly life changing and as a teacher and facilitator, I honour and respect this deep and powerful process.

Angelic Connections offers you the updated, professionally orientated syllabus by Christine Core (co - founder) of the original channelled Metatronic system, through Kevin Core in 2003. This Angelic Reki® Training programme is presented as 4 individual weekend courses throughout the year.

For more information link to Angelic Reiki or ask a question using one of the many contact buttons on our site.

Angel Blessings, Hannah 

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We’d love to hear from you. Reach out today with any questions, book your session  or simply to learn more about what we offer.

New updates for 2024 are being added monthly.

Thirsk  York  Harrogate

North Yorkshire  North of England

Planet Earth

Healing treatments available @ YO7 3GD

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