...It is with Love that we welcome you to Archangel Metatron's Healing System,  Angelic Reiki...

Angelic Reiki ® is offered traditionally as 4 individual weekend courses and is divided into learning and experiential components: Degree Levels 1 and 2; Degree levels 3 and 4; Professional Practitioner Level and Master Teacher Degree Level.

A Message from the AA Metatron channelled by Kevin Core

‘At this time in the history of the Earth, the vibration in which the Earth exists has changed. All existence is based on vibration. There is at this time on the Earth, the raising of the vibration of the Earth and this is allowing the higher vibration in which the Angelic Kingdom exists to now anchor upon the Earth. In truth, this means that your consciousness is raising its vibration.

Your consciousness and the consciousness of the Angelic Kingdom are therefore meeting and co-joining and creating wonder upon the Earth. Angels are part of the Divine, and as such, the vibration of the Divine Mind flows through them. As your consciousness raises its vibration, you also are connecting now into the Divine Mind. The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the Hand of the Divine. Part of this knowledge, which we will give to you, is that system which is now known as Angelic Reiki. It is through this system you will be trained to carry the energy of the Divine Mind. You will feel the very thrill of the Life force flowing through you into your fellowmen. This life force has the power to change reality, as you know it. It is the blessed Breath of God. By being the channel of this energy, you will allow yourselves, your consciousness, to merge with the Divine. This bringing together of human consciousness and Divine consciousness is that process which you now term Ascension. Those of you who are reading this have heard the call. We are calling to you all, to join with us, and to bring to the Earth the Divine Mind. The joy you feel in your heart is the very being of our existence. By being in this vibration, all your troubles and worries will disappear. The thought form humanity has held, which states that suffering must and does exist, is now fading away. This knowledge will become a knowing for all of you. As this vibration anchors into your consciousness, you will see suffering has no foundation. Indeed, it is this vibration that will lift from everyone you seek to treat, that which they call illness; for illness cannot exist when joy is in the heart. This system, therefore, is transmitted to you now through that which you have known as Reiki. These symbols are doorways in consciousness and stretch through time and space. By opening these doorways the vibration, which we will channel to you, can treat all beings through time and space. We will reach into Earth’s past and heal all memories of suffering. The Light of the Godhead shall anchor upon the Earth. The healing arts of the ancient times are re-awakening and will be given to you in this practice. Let the joy you feel in your hearts as you read these words guide you now into this vibration, which is embracing the Earth. The Angels have guided you to this place. They are embracing you now. Can you feel us? It is perfect that we are one. It is perfect that you are here. Perfection is the very life within you, and it is guiding you now. Open your hearts to the New Age, which is coming now. Let all doubt drop way. Let the highest vibration of Love anchor into your hearts. Start to breathe the whisper of Love’s breath. Become the radiant child’.



Your Personal and Spiritual Healing - the beginning of your journey to Self Healing

Angel Reiki ® Degree Levels 1 and 2 

These workshops will give you the most perfect gift for you !

This may be to support your own personal healing and spiritual journey. It may be open up gifts and spiritual talents, or reveal your dharma and life's purpose. It may be to help family and friends or a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher. It may total change your life. 

You may not know, but your Soul knows why it has brought you here. It will change your DNA, your cells and molecules and activate your Lightbody. It will enable you to merge more intimately with Angelic Kingdom of Light. All spiritual teachings and energies are universally available to everyone, but through his guidance from the Master Djwhal Khul and the Archangel Metatron and his great knowledge of spiritual principles and ancient teachings, Kevin Core has woven together a unique and profound system of healing. This system has been named Angelic Reiki®. 

These Degree Levels 1 and 2 will include:

Two Angelic Reiki cleanses and attunements; One Archangel initiation and blessing; A definition and understanding of the nature of Angelic energy; The principles of clearing and dedicating space; Six healing methods including self and distant healing; Four practical healing exchanges ; Cleansing and tuning of crystals; The Laws of healing according to the Divine hierarchy as given by Djwhal Khul.

Given with Love to You.

Upcoming Course Dates 3rd and 4th September 2022 Thirsk area. Please contact us for further available dates early next year .

Registration and Booking taking place NOW 

Small and supportive group sizes.

1 and 2 Course fees: £280 (This includes a manual and hand chosen master  crystal) (1 and 2 only)

Deposit: £80 (non returnable) BACS only

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Balance due 7 days before course start by BACS.

Angelic Reiki is not available as an online hosted training course.




Become Initiated into the Master Energy of Angelic Reiki®

The purpose of this workshop is to initiate you into the Master energy of this system. This will happen in the most perfect way for you. We recommend that you just be open to what may unfold. The name Reiki Master has sometimes been misunderstood and as always in Angelic Reiki we take our guidance from the Ancient Wisdom. To receive an attunement into Master energy is first and foremost a personal process. Your Soul has guided you to a place where you can receive the energetic tools in order to accept your own Mastership, accepting that this manifest reality is of your creation.

Our world is a great playground and these attunements are not about being good or spiritually perfect, a human judgement. They are about accepting and recognising that we are totally the creator of our lives ad accepting this Mastership with the personal responsibility and self awareness that this entails.

This workshop opens the door to leave behind all the victimhood and sense of living life a result of some external effect. This is not a teacher's workshop ; It is a stepping stone along your personal path. It will awaken YOUR spiritual talent and you will use this energy in your own unique way.You may find that work colleagues and friends see your advice where they didn't before; you may find that inspirational writing or your creativity starts to flow, you life may start to unfold in a new way; you may find that the lessons your Soul has chosen come up energetically and you experience  some personal challenges. Embrace your beginnings on your Spiritual pathway; embrace your Mastership pathway with Grace, Love, Joy and Power.

With Great Love to You.

This workshop will include the below and much more: 

The purpose and process of clearing, opening and closing a space; Reviewing of the nature of Angelic energy and Archangels; Cleansing and  attunement to Angelic Reiki® 3rd Degree; Cleansing, Entity release and attunement to Angelic Reiki® 4th Degree; Angelic Ray Attunement; Masters Archangelic Initiation; Three healing exchanges: one from 1&2 , With the Divine Presence and Eye Healing; Understanding of the Soul Family ; Information and discussion on Angelic Reiki® organisation in your country.

Upcoming Course Dates: November 2022, please contact us for the next available dates. 

Course fees:  £364 ( 3 & 4 Only )

Deposit: £164 ( non returnable )

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Cancellation by the participant prior to 7 days of the course beginning, all fees minus the deposit will be refunded. 

This course refund would be £200, for example.

Angelic Reiki is not available as an online hosted training course.

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Professional practice and essential and supplementary information for Angelic Reiki® practitioners . Addresses the practical and spiritual issues involved being a professional healer.

The purpose of this workshop is to equip you to share this amazing energy in a professional way. The workshop is presented in two parts and minimum of 3 days is required for both parts of this syllabus. A minimum of 4 participants are required.

Part One has 2 cleanses and attunements and two new healing methods. It focuses on the spiritual principles that are used in Angelic Reiki® as a healing modality. 

Part Two covers the practical and spiritual issues involved in being a professional healer. Following the supervision of case studies and the signing of the Angelic Reiki charter, certificates will be issued individually. 

The syllabus for Part One: 

One clearing and entity release; Two attunements, Angelic Reiki 4 and level 3 & 4 Archangelic Initiation with the Mighty Sarim; Two new healing methods i.e. etheric body and spherical healing; Understanding the 2 healing types used in Angelic Reiki® i.e. Magnetic and Radiatory; Working with the feeling body; Review of how to cleanse and dedicate a space and its purpose function in healing; Healing into death and understanding the dying process; The nature of disease and the implications on a helming session; The healing session and looking  at Confidentiality, Duration, Listening and communication skills, Feedback, Procedure for clients on medication.

The Syllabus for part 2: 

Setting up in private practice i.e. 

Legislation and insurance; Practical management: The healing space, renting versus home, organising appointments setting boundaries; Fees and charging for sessions; Setting up in business: business plans, funding, keeping accounts; Marketing: promoting yourself, the principles of creating your reality; Ethics; Ongoing Professional development; Mentoring and supervision  

Course Dates : 2022-3, please contact us for the next available dates. 

Course fees:  £300 for Parts 1 and 2 

Deposit: £100 (non returnable)

We require a minimum of 4 students to run this course. 

Course fees: £90 Part 1 only 

Deposit: £50 (non returnable) 

Please use our Booking button below for enquires and reserving your course place.

Angelic Reiki is not available as an online hosted training course



Initiation into the Master Teacher Energy of this unique Healing System

The purpose of this workshop is to initiate you into the Master Teacher energy of this most wonderful healing system. This will happen in the most perfect way for you. Be open to the process that will unfold. The Angelic collective, the founders Kevin and Christine Core and all others initiated into the energy of Master Teacher,  thank you for embracing this role of  teacher here on Earth and you must know that it will bring you great blessings both during your life on Earth and in the other dimensional realms. Your human consciousness may never comprehend the great service that you do, but it will be seen from "above".

This is a channeling by Christine Core from the collective consciousness that is the Angelic Kingdom Of Light

" As you gather here for this earthly workshop please let it be known that you are seen, observed and acknowledged by this the collective consciousness which you call the Angelic Kingdom of Light. Your soul, your Divine calling has brought to this place as now you have graciously accepted your role in service in the grounding of our Light and Love. It is no small thing that you have gathered here today. This moment your very presence and collective intention has touched the whole of human consciousness. 

As you integrate the energies of the next few days you will truly be transformed. Your consciousness and LIghtbody will constantly radiate our vibration of Love. Please do not feel that your human dilemmas and challenges which may arise will ever hamper or compromise the Light of the Angelic Kingdom that you radiate. 

Follow your own guidance on whatever path may lead you to. Go without fear towards whatever makes your heart sing. Remember that it is impossible to be separate from us. You are our emissaries of Light and that you are holding this Light in the physical realm is awesome to us.

As you hear this message in the stillness of your heart and body we invite you to receive a great blessing of our Love and Gratitude.

We invite you now to say The Great Invocation which was given to you by the great Love of the Master Djwhal Khul. Make it your prayer ~ The Angelic Kingdom of Light"

The Syllabus for this Master Teacher's Degree is as follows: 

The Principles and practice of Clearing and Dedicating the space; Fourth Degree Clearing, entity release and attunement; Meditation with Archangels of the Tree of Life; Archangelic Master Initiation and Attunement; Grounding and the feeling body; Setting up as a teacher; Practical experience and guidance fro leading a healing practice; Guidance on facilitating attunements, cleanses and the entity release; Organisation, support and responsibilities of the Teacher; Review and discussion of any topics or  issues presented in Angelic Reiki. 

Course Dates : 2022-3 , please contact us for the next available dates. 

Course fees:  £390 ( This includes a manual and certificate ) 

Deposit: £190 ( non returnable )

Please use our Booking button below for enquires and reserving your course place. 

Angelic Reiki is not available as an online hosted training course


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