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Angelic Reiki and Shamballa Healing

Usui Reiki

Crystal Healing 

We offer a range of healing treatments to suit each person's spiritual and physical healing process.

Traditional Usui Reiki Healing is a perfect introduction to energy healing for your physical body, your mind and spirit. Age-old  Healing symbols are used by the practitioner.

 Angelic Reiki Healing is gentle and transformational healing received from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. It works at very deep levels within your spiritual bodies. You receive the perfect vibrational healing for You.

Shamballa Healing connects you with pure unconditional Shamballa Love and offers multidimensional healing.


Read all the information on the page and then please discuss your particular requirements and concerns with Hannah before receiving your healing treatment. Details of each type of healing are given at the bottom of this page or please use the link button below for your convenience.



£60 for 60mins



£60 ~ 60mins
£80 ~ upto 90mins 1st Consultation


£60 for 60mins



£55 for 60mins



Angelic Reiki 

  • Angelic Reiki is a gentle loving healing experience suitable for all ages, during pregnacy, post surgery, and those with terminal illnesses.

  • Angelic Reiki can help with: gentle stimulating your body’s natural balance and a return to homeostasis; stimulating your chakra system and re-establishing a harmonious flow of energy from your crown to your root; the release of emotional blockages; to aid relief of stress, tension, and anxiety; pain relief and multi-leveled healing; healing of past trauma and abuse; enhancing  clarity, alertness, and heightened perception/healthier perspective; deep relaxation and sense of inner peace; improved sleep quality; feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, re-energised and re-empowered.

  • A frequently asked question is: 'What are the differences between 'traditional' Usui Reiki healing and Angelic Reiki healing?" As the person receiving the healing, you will wish to know how they differ in feel and experience. 

  • Usui Reiki is systematic and the healer will move her hands to different positions around the client's body, working with the traditional Usui symbols at her disposal, to activate a change in the spiritual and physical energy flow in her client. The treatment will last about hour and the client is lying down on a massage table, generally speaking. 

  • Using Angelic Reiki the 'healing' is given by the Angelic Kingdom to the recipient through the healer-channel. There is less focus on moving the hands to various parts of the body, in fact only a couple of hand positions may be experienced. Divine healing energy symbols, including the Atlantean Usui symbols, are used to facilitate the healing, however the Angelic Kingdom of Light guides this process because they know and understand you, the recipient, as a multidimensional being and so send the energy at that level. The 'healing' will be approximately between 15mins to 25mins actively, and then time for the recipient to relax in the energies.  

  • When you make the decision to have an Angelic Reiki healing you activate something within and without of yourself, which begins the process of your healing journey. The healing session is divided into three parts of approximately 20mins: consultation, healing and post healing sharing of insights and answering of any question that may arise during the healing itself.

  • Sessions are recommended once every two weeks, and for deep seated conditions, a number of healings will be required. For some individuals , one session might be all that is required to retune them to their higher purposes.

  • Angelic Reiki activates all four bodies, the physical body is often where we see a problem manifesting after a long process of imbalance in the other three, these being; the emotional, the mental and the spiritual bodies.

  • Angelic Reiki can facilitate multidimensional healing and past life healing. This healing is done across all the incarnations you have experienced, across all dimensions and separate realities. It can be used to heal and clear problems and energy blockages within a person's ancestral lineage and genetic line. 

Multiple sessions of 3 or more can be block paid with a discount of 15%. 

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Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is an ancient healing art which is part of our collective consciouness and self-healing heritage as humans. In modern history, it can be dated back to Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan in the mid 1800's but has links to pre-written records in times of Mu and Atlantis, Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) in India, and Jesus. Dr.Usui (a University Principle in Kyoto and also a Christian Minister) wished to seek the origins of Jesus's and Buddha's healing methods and his journey led him to discover the ancient remnants of the deity Shiva's early culture, in the estoric teaching of India. Reiki lineages from Dr. Usui traveled from Kyoto, to Hawaii, into the US and subsquently worldwide.

Usui Reiki uses a collection of very ancient symbols which are held in the consciouness of the healer during the healing, whilst moving her hands to different locations around the recipient's body. This naturally will include over the body's main 7 chakra system. The healer's hands can be placed on the body, over loose clothes, or held a short distance above, depending the area being treated and also depending on the client's level of personal comfort. Reiki can be given over the front or both sides of the body, if the recipient is lying down on a massage bed; it can given whilst the client is seated in a modified manner, if a client is unable to lie down, for any reason. Reiki also combines wonderfully with crystal healing. A combination of specially selected crystals placed on the main chakra points, with Reiki, will create a gentle balancing within the body. If using chakra healing stones, it is not usually necessary to perform Reiki healing on both sides of the body as the crystals offer a boost to the treatment, by way of their piezoelectric effect. 

Hands on healing often creates a warming effect on the client ( the healers hands become very warm naturally, with the flow of energy )  and so if very possible to to feel pockets of warmth , movement of energy within the body and tingling sensations. Equally, some healing produces a cooling effect and so blankets are offered for the comfort of each client. 

Reiki is a wonderful way to first experience hands on healing and can offer numerous benefits: relieves pain and discomfort; reduces stress and anxiety; awakens intuition; promotes natural healing; strengthens the immune system; balances energy and chakras; assists in weight-loss and releases toxins; complements allopathic treatments and supports healing post surgerical. procedure.

 Sessions are recommended once every two weeks initially, and for deep seated conditions, a number of healings will be required. To benefit the most from Usui Reiki, it is advised that you have fairly regular healing sessions following your initial visit, to maintain the changes within your body and energy field.

Shamballa Healing 

This is a wonderful stand-alone multidimensional healing system which heals on all levels of reality. Shamballa as described by Djwhal Khul, channeled through Alice Bailey is the Will aspect of Divine Creative Energy, acting through the First Ray.

Shamballa is the Diamond Light of Pure Love that is Unconditional Love. It is an incredibly powerful and grounding healing experience and will attune you to your perfect Divine I AM Presence.. The healing will take 20 mins, with 15mins consultation and 15mins to discuss the healing session and offer any further support. 

Crystal Healing 

Crystal healing: more to information follow

Multiple sessions or 3 or more can be block paid with a discount of 15%

Disclaimer : Angelic Reiki Healing and all healing treatments offered by Angelic Connections are not offered as a cure or as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. The information provided on this website, expressed or implied, is for the purposes of information only; it is not given as medical advice.