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A Meditation and Visualisation to reclaim Earth for the Light

Powerful visualisations and meditations can be used to for Earth's healing, for Humanity's Liberation and for the reestablishment of the True Light of Christ Consciousness to our home planet. I have many that I enjoy to use in my spiritual practice, some using the Angelic Kingdom of Light, some connecting to the Devas and Elementals of our Kingdom, some using the powerful higher dimensional Sacred Flames such as the Violet Flame of Transmutation and some use the wisdom and focus from the Ascended Masters from our world and Galactic worlds.

This one is inspired by Diana Cooper with her deep connection to the Angelic Realms, the Elemental Realms and the Divine Pure Light of the Unicorns. This is easy to use and needs only 10 minutes of your time each day, for a designated period of your choosing.

To begin, sit quietly where you can be undisturbed for a few moments

Breathe deeply for a few cycles of breath and now visualise a golden egg shaped cocoon around yourself

Invite your magnificent Warrior Angel and Fiery Dragon to stand by you shielding you in a protective Light

When you are ready, visualise legions of Warrior Angels, under the command of Archangel Michael and the same of powerful Dragons, ready to respond to your planetary wide request.

Say mentally or out loud, " I now call forth all Warrior Angels under the command of Archangel Michael and all Dragons in their multitudes, to illuminate and offer protection and transmutation to every single person on Earth, who has been touched the dark entities"

See millions of Angels and Dragons spreading around the World and shielding all terrorists from the negative tentacles trying to reach them.

Spend a moment with this powerful vision...

Now see glorious, shimmering white Unicorns, with their blazing horns of diamond white light and Pegasus with shining wings flying over them and showering each person with this Light

With your most powerful intent, strongly picture the dark invader(s) withdrawing from Earth.

See this dark energy being transmuted by AA Zadkiel and the Angels and Dragons attuned to the Violet Flame of Transmutation. See this dark energy being fully transmuted into a Golden Light.

Now it your time to receive the beautiful gifts of the white Unicorns. Feel and sense their pure white light being showered on you, raising and refining your frequencies.

Spend a moment bathing in these frequencies and this Pure White Light. It feels blissful and very healing.

When you are ready you may open your eyes

Love and Blessings to each one of you,



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