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Finding my Path

Have you considered that who you are, what you do in this life with an awakened consciousness is your unique expression, your Light in the World? Reading the work of Kryon, a channelled consciousness through Lee Carroll, inspires me to share this thoughtful analogy of our circular Pathway.

Love and Blessings <3


Oh, listen to me!

You walk inside a sphere.

You think you’re on a straight line, but you’re not.

This path of yours is not straight.

You think that you do one thing after another, and you place them in a two-dimensional row.

You wonder about the future, and you consider the past, but you never see them together.

Some have asked, “Kryon, when am I going to find my path?” Some of you are sitting in it!

It’s exactly why you came, yet you constantly look to the future and say, “Well, maybe later, maybe in the future, I’ll find it.”

You walk on the inside of a sphere – that means that at an interdimensional level, you can see all the paths you ever walked and ever will walk just by looking around.

They’re all together!

It’s just like your idea of success and failure.

It’s the wise Human Being that understands that not all is as it seems—that there’s more.

When are you going to find your path, you ask?

What if the lighthouse thought this way?

“Well, nobody has called me lately to thank me for shining my light. I haven’t had any skippers of any ships tell me they were thankful I was here, too. I think I’ll turn off my light and leave. Time to move on. I’ll keep searching for what I’m supposed to do.”


From Kryon Book IX – The New Beginning – Page 291


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