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Reflecting Inwards ~ Winter Solstice

We’re in the deepest, darkest depths of the year in these days ahead.

All of Nature around us has withdrawn into deep, silent rest.

Our days are cold and short. Our nights are dark and long.

From now until our Winter solstice each day will become shorter and shorter

This is the time to slow down, to listen inwards

Especially if you’re feeling exhausted, depleted and drained, this is your body’s wisdom asking you to rest, become quiet and go inwards.

Check in with yourself . How are you feeling ? What do you feel you need to do ? Or not do !

Begin to know your inner world better through meditation, reflection, contemplation, journaling.

Get curious about your way of thinking, viewpoints, values and who you are.

Be at Peace with who you find yourself to be or not be.

Use this time to journey inwards and gather the wisdom within, just like nature.

Find your inner light and let it guide you, into the new year waiting

On Wednesday , our Winter Solstice, we experience our longest night and our shortest day of 2022

After that the light will begin to return, and we need to be ready for it .....

Love and Blessings


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