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A Quantum shift for Humanity and for Earth

There is a shift occurring on our planet like no other in the known history of our human civilisation. I say ‘known’ as we have as a collective been through many changes that we are unaware of through our recorded and accepted version of life on this planet. We understand that our planet is 4.7 billion years old so that’s a lot time which we really can’t account for in the finer details.

This information, this new knowledge of a shift in paradigm, is coming from many sources now. Galactic races from other star systems are communicating this information with us - that we are about to, as a collective, make a quantum shift. We have clear communications with the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Andromedans and many others races and other forms of higher consciousness, that are all telling us the same thing. We are about to upgrade, we are about to make a big shift in physicality and in our consciousness. But we may wonder how this might happen, life in many respects seems the same (well almost) and most people around us who maybe don’t listen to the wisdoms and words of other more spiritually evolved races from within our local and neighbouring galaxies, might be clueless as to just how this is going to happen. Human based science isn’t really giving us the answers.

I study Kryon, amongst the array of higher intelligence consciousnesses available through contemporary channelling. Below I have included a passage from one the many books published through Lee Carroll, the channel. Kryon offers some ideas around the shift in Human consciousness and the New Human. I also study through the Arcturians, who are also speaking up about Earth Human’s quantum shift; they refer to the upgraded Earth human as Homo Omega. Starseeds and light-workers are very much working with this vision concept and are actively focusing on bringing Homo Omega into a reality through group meditations and conscious thought.

‘’The New Human" - Kryon

Human nature is about to shift, and it will be the first time in any of your history where this has happened. More than a shift in Human nature, it is about to become new. Psychologists will tell you that Human nature is static — that is to say, it does not change. It simply “comes with being a Human Being.”

Part of the study of psychology itself requires that it is static so that it can be studied, and then many can benefit from the gathered knowledge. History reinforces this, and it will show that Human nature is responsible for the same kinds of fear and survival instinct over and over and that it never changes. History repeats itself in all its dysfunction, drama, and war, and you can count on Human nature being the same.

Often, when the very phrase “Human nature” is used, it’s in a negative connotation.

This very fact shows you that even scholars realize that the intrinsic nature of Humans is flawed.

The idea of a real change in Human nature is, therefore, not seen as possible by the experts. It never changed, so why would it now?

So this coming change is a tough idea to accept for those who are scientifically minded, for there is no evidence yet of what we are calling “The Big Shift.”

There is only evidence so far of coincidental shift because these things happen slowly.

Sometimes the shift goes so slowly that you are not even aware of it, but it’s starting now.

- Kryon from the book “The New Human “

How can we work to support this shift? How can we make sense of something that’s unparalleled in our experience and in our view of this world and humanity?

Some ideas that I have been working with are:

Connecting to and using our spiritual nature and gifts daily;

Consciously opening up to the 5th dimensional version of ourselves;

Consciously making connections to the Angelic Realms - those higher dimensions of 6 and above - and asking for their assistance and support;

Knowing that our DNA is evolving, which allows us to accomplish more each day on Earth and for the Earth;

Allowing ourselves to become Quantum in our life…remembering that a small part of something ( energy) effects the whole

Here I have chosen to use the Angels, through Archangel Oracle cards, asking for the Angels to illustrate and give examples of how we can to support a shift in our physicality and consciousness.

These two cards have presented themselves for our deeper contemplation:

Archangel Metatron ( top ) and Archangel Roquiel (below)

Archangel Metatron helps us increase our Light levels and to Open our Stellar Gateway:

Our Stellar Gateway is the highest chakra that most are able to access and work with in our physical bodies – this chakra holds the energy of your Monad or Higher self and it is from here that your Antakarana connects to Source. You can draw in this Source Light energy through your Light tube ( Antakarana ) and through your chakra system to Earth. This way you are able to both upgrade yourself and be of service to the Earth.

Archangel Roquiel encourages us to enter higher planetary service and to be a blazing Light:

This Archangel encourages a stronger connection with Source energy. AA Roquiel acts as a conduit to transduce this collective of energy coming from Source through Human channels, and then he anchors it into the spiritual aspect of the Earth, known as Gaia. You can, when consciously aware of the power of your Antakarana connection, use Source Energy directly for Earth healing yourself. Archangel Roquiel enables this to happen on a massive scale, working through the earth’s leylines and through the power spots around the planet, such as the Pyramids. He also is able to reflect this energy back into you. When this happens you then become activated at a 5th dimensional frequency, radiating out your light in all directions.

You can ask these Archangels to work with you and through you, to support your personal, quantum, spiritual shift. Make sure you are well grounded and open to receiving the support of these two magnificent Archangels.

Love and Blessings


Images are of Vitruvian Man: Leonardo da Vinci c 1490

Archangel Metatron; Archangel Roquiel: Jane Delaford Taylor

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